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Prenatal Warrior 2 on chair
Child's Pose
Legs-up-the-wall pose
Yoga Props
Prenatal Yoga Chiang Mai
Restorative Yoga Chiang Mai
Prenatal Yoga Chiang Mai

One-on-one or semi-private sessions up to 3 people

Restorative Yoga Therapy Chiang Mai

Restorative Yoga Therapy

Trauma Release Exercise Chiang Mai

Trauma Release Exercise (TRE)

Reiki Chiang Mai

Reiki Energy Healing

Prenatal Yoga Chiang Mai

Prenatal Yoga

Hatha Yoga Chiang Mai

Hatha Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga Chiang Mai

Vinyasa Yoga

“Yoga  is  the  journey  of  the  self,  through  the  self,  to  the  self.” – The  Bhagavad  Gita


About Stef

Stef, originally from Germany, is a single-mom of a 3 year old, yoga teacher, almost TRE© Provider, warrior of love, patience and spiritual resilience. It’s her daily practice to choose love over fear and sit mindfully with her emotions.

She firmly believes that through mindfulness you can master every challenge in your life. With staying present even the dark times become lighter.

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191/10 M.1, Khaimook Soi 4, T. Padaet, A. Muang, Chiang Mai 50100, THAILAND

+66 810-216654

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